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The Benefits of Yoga - 5th Element Combat Fitness

Our yoga classes develop a well-rounded, strong and resilient athlete. Our classes resemble vinyasa style, so you can enjoy the benefits of yoga while breaking a sweat! You will be more relaxed, focused, and flexible.



We offer one hour long yoga class every Wednesday and Sunday and welcome all of our members to attend. We want our members to enjoy the benefits of yoga, so each class is structured to optimize the athlete’s range of motion, as well as work on their general mobility, positioning, body awareness, focus, and breathing.  Our yoga classes resemble the "vinyasa-style" or "power yoga class", so it should cause every athlete to break a sweat. The goal of our yoga class is to help develop a well-rounded, strong and resilient athlete.

Sign up for one of our yoga classes and leave more relaxed, focused, flexible, and with a better understanding of your body.  

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