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Spartan SGX Training & Kids Obstacle Course Training

Each Spartan Race class simulates aspects of obstacle course races. Develop your athletic abilities and focus on tactical aspects of racing. Our obstacle course race training helps experts to amateurs reach their fitness goals.

Spartan SGX/Obstacle Course Training


Each hour long Spartan race training class simulates every aspect of a Spartan Race, to include spear throwing! The Spartan SGX Training program develops each individual's athletic abilities like speed, power, endurance, and stamina and combines it with the Spartan Race’s tactical aspects of climbing, lifting, swinging, crawling, and dragging.

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Ricardo Salguero, our certified Spartan SGX coach, guides each athlete through the different components of the Spartan Race, to include 10 in-house obstacles and a 40-foot Traverse wall. Each athlete will receive a perfectly diverse and challenging workout throughout every class to keep their body guessing, keep their fitness growing, and build their resiliency.

Whether you are an experienced obstacle course racer, a runner looking to get into obstacle course racing, or want to continue to grow your fitness level by trying something new, our SGX training program will help you reach your fitness goals.

Kids Ninja/Obstacle Course Training

Learn To Move Like An Athlete

Our fun and engaging hour long kids obstacle ninja training classes provide your tiny athletes with the opportunity to practice real life movements like climbing, lifting, carrying, swinging, crawling, and throwing, as well as develop their coordination, speed, endurance, and stamina. The classes are a constantly varied and a perfect combination of skill and conditioning for every child’s fitness level.

Our facility offers your ninja kids access to 10+ specific in-house obstacle courses and our certified coaches. Every child’s training is guaranteed to be complete and diverse and will keep your tiny athletes learning and their fitness growing!