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Club One Athletics is now 5th Element Combat Fitness, Inc.!

On April 9th months of working together behind the scenes all came together resulting in 5th Element owners Karina & Jeff Engle acquiring Club One Athletics from Chase Brendle.

Even our doggy Scottie likes to WOD!

Even our doggy Scottie likes to WOD!


If you are a current member of Club One Athletics you will not see much impact initially:

  • All schedules will remain the same
  • All of the coaches are staying on 
  • Chase will be assisting in the transition over the coming weeks

We intend to add the following:

  • Becoming a CrossFit affiliate
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Kickboxing
  • HIIT training
  • New coaches
  • New equipment

As memberships come up for renewal and additional classes are added (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Cardio kickboxing, self defense, boot camps, etc) you will be able to transition to a 5th Element membership plan at the lowest available cost.

Don't worry, ALL current members will have the opportunity to be grandfathered in at their current price!


(A letter from the founder, Chase Brendle)

As you all know, Club One Athletics has been my baby, a dream that started over 15 years ago. Built in the back of a personal training studio, Club One Athletics has grown into an equipment-packed facility and a community of people I am proud to call my friends and my family. 

I've so been blessed with the opportunity to share blood, sweat, and tears with so many of you throughout the years, making this a bittersweet decision.  After countless conversations and enough coaching to become a life coach myself, I realized that sometimes in life, we accomplish everything we set out to accomplish.  However, the person we become along the way is not the same person we started as.  And the dream we brought to reality no longer matches the dream of the person we have become.

Coming to the realization that if I was to see our gym continue to grow and succeed I would need to put together the right team to support you, I began to put the best puzzle pieces in place.  I hired a broker with a lifetime of experience and spent countless hours determining who would be the right buyers to lead this business and continue growing the legacy that was Club One Athletics.  What would they need to be like?  What made us successful so far?  What areas could be improved?  What did you, the members, want?

As you have all trusted me with your health, fitness, and livelihood, this decision was a responsibility I did not take lightly. 

There have been many introductions, buyers, and offers along the way.   Now, having watched it all come together, I have no doubt that Jeff and Karina were the perfect choice.  Jeffs analytical business savvy and experience combined with Karina's athletic experience and heart, created a new synergy, cohesiveness, and excitement that was obvious during our introductory staff meeting yesterday.  The more time I spend with them, the more sure I am that they are the right team for the job!

While I will miss you all more than words can ever describe and I will always remember the records we broke together, I have no doubt whatsoever that this transition will prove to be the best thing for you, your fitness, and your gym.  I am so happy to be able to say that I trust wholeheartedly, that together, you all and the Engles will hit many new PRs together this year!

The family that trains together remains together!

The family that trains together remains together!


5th Element is about time. Karina and I realized with busy schedules, demanding jobs, and a new baby that we, like many others, did not have much to spare.

I am a competitive Jiu Jitsu athlete and Karina is a long time CrossFit athlete. After work it was either sacrifice training or sacrifice time with family and friends. We asked around and discovered that we were not alone; there were many other people of every age whose relationships were impacted by their passions and the concept of balance was inevitably a losing proposition.

So we set out to provide a conduit to address the problem we and so many others were facing while solving a real societal need. Namely, the need to build resiliency through mental and physical fitness, with the community to support it. Having spent my formative years in the worlds most elite special operations force I had the life experience to know what that looks like. Our company is built off of that inspiration and customized for athletes or aspiring athletes at every level.


Did you even know that coconut water replaces valuable electrolytes lost while perspiring during exercise bro?  (If you have any questions, just ask our son Jacob, he's always teaching us things!)

Did you even know that coconut water replaces valuable electrolytes lost while perspiring during exercise bro? 
(If you have any questions, just ask our son Jacob, he's always teaching us things!)

(A letter from Jeff and Karina)
This choice was obvious.  After over a year of searching for the right location, we found Club One Athletics.   While the reality is that our training/business model simply does not exist anywhere outside of the military, we found that Club One had the closest offering. With its combination of crosstraining, strength training, endurance training, obstacle course training, and a tight-knit community we were reminded of the bonds and breakthroughs we experienced in our years of training.

The diverse variety of programs along with the teams you and your coaches built provides an incredible foundation for our vision.  We are so excited and grateful for the opportunity to meet all of you and work together. 

Thank you all for giving us a chance to show you our passion and for trusting us to take care of your gym and community.  We know that where you workout is so much more than that and want you to know that 5th Element is more than just a gym to us,  Its a place we can all call home with a family we can count on to help us be our best. 

We sincerely look forward to working with each of you and working out with each of you!