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Membership Policy


Basic Training "Foundations" policy

Basic training is a group (max 5 people) instructional course to go over basic CrossFit movements and workouts. The Basic Training program consists of 4, 1 hour long, training sessions with a CrossFit trainer. The Basic Training program is mandatory for all CrossFit beginners.

  • The Basic Training program is $120 (if purchased separately), where the first class is free of charge.

  • If the individual decides to enroll in any of our CrossFit/Operator memberships, Basic Training is included in the membership free of charge.

  • All 4 classes must be completed before entering the regularly scheduled CrossFit classes (exceptions may occur).

  • We do offer private Basic Training sessions, please email info@5thelementcf.com to enroll.

  • For individuals with previous CrossFit experience: Please email info@5thelementcf.com for "test out" policy.


General Membership Policy

All contracts and month to month memberships are billed monthly on the anniversary date. All members are available to upgrade their membership at any point in their current contract.  However,  upgrading a membership will restart the membership contract date. Additionally, it is the members responsibility to alert owners/staff of any cancellations to current memberships (see membership cancellation policy below).

Members may put their membership on hold for up to six (6) months, 72 hours PRIOR to billing date, or the member is subject to a $20 fee, and must submit the request via email to: info@5thelementcf.com. If a hold is due to an injury and requires a hold of more than six (6) months, a doctors note is required. All membership holds WILL EXTEND the contract date based on the duration of the hold.

If a member's payment is declined, the member has 72 hours to update the information, or the membership may be terminated. Please email: info@5thelementcf.com for any questions or concerns.

Any memberships that were "grandfathered" into a set discounted price, will not be honored once the membership is terminated/cancelled. If the member wishes to enroll in another membership at 5th Element Combat Fitness, Inc, current membership rates will apply.

5th Element Combat Fitness & CrossFit YP1 does offer discounts (Hero rates) for all military, active first responders, active fire fighters, active law enforcement, as well as teachers. Please email info@5thelementcf.com for our Hero rates.

Personal Training: All personal training sessions expire after 2 months of purchase, sessions will not roll over. It is the individual's responsibility to alert their personal trainer or email info@5thelementcf.com of any upcoming holds to their sessions based on travel and/or injury.  


Refunds will be given on membership charges within 48 hours of the charge. Refunds will not be given to membership charges that occurred more than 48 hours prior.


Membership Cancellation Policy

5th Element Combat Fitness & CrossFit YP1 would like to remind all of our members of the gym’s cancellation policy, listed in the membership agreement, presented to each member once enrolled in their membership:

  1. The membership agreement may be cancelled at any time by paying a cancellation fee equal to 40% of the total amount of the remainder of the contract AND any and all discounts given will NOT be considered in the calculation of the cancellation fee.

  2. 5th Element Combat Fitness & CrossFit YP1 requires a 30 day notice for all membership cancellations via email, info@5thelementcf.com. Please do not call and cancel, it will be not be accepted as a cancellation notice. In addition, it is the members responsibility to alert 5th Element Combat Fitness, Inc of any cancellation to their current membership.   

  3. A failure to attend classes does not relieve a member of their contractual obligation to pay the full tuition for the membership which they are enrolled.

  4. A service charge of $20.00 for any payments 10 days past due will be applied to all outstanding accounts.


Membership Sign-in Policy

All athletes are required to sign-in to a class when they arrive at the gym for the class. Failure to scan-in will result in a $35 fee which will charged to your account.

Athletes should use their smartphone or tablet at the front desk to sign-in for a class. If there are any issues with the Zen Planner app and/or tablet please alert the coaching staff and they will check you into your class.


Drop-in policy

Our drop in rate is $20 for most classes, to include open gym times. CrossFit Striking classes are $25.

We welcome athletes that are members at other CrossFit Affiliates to drop-in. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

**For all CrossFit class drop-ins: The individual must be a member of another CrossFit Affiliate in order to drop-in for a WOD.


For any questions or concerns please contact info@5thelementcf.com.