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Spartan race training Fort Lauderdale

Spartan race training Fort Lauderdale


Building up to impeccable physical condition is more about science than about anything else. At 5th Element Combat Fitness, we provide you with the perfect fitness system, one worthy of true champions. Here, we value efficiency more than anything else, and our experienced trainers will guide you towards becoming a true beast.

Our spartan race training in Fort Lauderdale relies on a variety of training options, each with its own benefits. Whether we’re talking about climbing, lifting or dragging, the goal is to shock your body’s muscles, joints, and bones. This type of shock therapy is the same used by bodybuilders when they want to force their bodies to grow.

Spartans were elite forces in the time of ancient Greece, and their training regimens were brutal and effective. We follow the same recipe to help you develop:

Strength and power

People who are unfamiliar with physical conditioning fail to realize how difficult it is to grow power. Just as with developing the muscle mass, the body will quickly get used to the training and will cease to evolve any further. That’s when you need to change your training routine by either working on the intensity, the weights used, or the strategy altogether.

True Spartans had strength and explosive power, which made them feared warriors on the battlefield. With our help, you’ll learn how to become one.

Flexibility and better body motion

Few people realize how little control they have over their bodies. If you’ve never trained in a martial arts, be it boxing, MMA or BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), then you most likely have no idea about your limitations. Our Spartan race training in Fort Lauderdale will help you understand how to use your body in ways you’ve never used it before.

The flexibility is the key when it comes to fighting capabilities, and so are the balance, stance, and instinctive body motion. Our Spartan track will help you develop all these abilities so that you will become more physically capable and ready for any situation.

Cardio boost

Cardio is vital for any warrior, no matter the area of expertise. If you aim to become a fighter, be it amateur or at pro level, you need to develop good cardio. It’s not all about strength, technique, or speed, although everything revolves around these concepts in combat. If you want to see sheer speed, power, and technique colliding with sustained endurance and vast stamina reserves, watch Connor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 1.

Our Spartan race training in Fort Lauderdale will help you become a relentless war machine, true to the Spartan spirit. For even more good news, our training sessions fit everyone, children included. You can check out more about the training or our methods online or by giving us a call.

Whether you are a couch rat or an aspiring athlete, our Spartan track will change your body and your mindset for good. Come to our 5th Element Combat Fitness gym and join our revolutionary program! Start your journey of becoming a Spartan today!