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Obstacle course training Fort Lauderdale

Obstacle course training Fort Lauderdale


The first question any sane person will ask of someone about to enter an obstacle course race is: Why? The answer can be as simple as “Why not?” or a simple “Because I want to”, but those are not very satisfying answers. The real reason might be entirely personal. If you are grieving about a life event like a divorce or a death of a loved one, then entering a race might be the way to work through it. Maybe you passed by a mirror and were shocked by your out of shape image and simply decided to do something about it.

Whatever the reason, the decision to join an obstacle course training in Fort Lauderdale like the one offered at 5th Element Combat Fitness could be a life-changer.

Obstacle course training is different than traditional work-outs in several ways including:

  • A standard weight lifting program is designed to help one reach a specific goal like larger bi-ceps or those six-pack abs. The obstacle course training will improve the entire body and not one particular area.

  • The repetition of weights or the monotony of a stationary bike can become tedious and boring. Not so with the variety of challenges offered with obstacle course training.

  • No single exercise can prepare one to enter an obstacle course race. The only way to adequately prepare is to train with real obstacles. Not only do you need strength, but you also need agility, endurance and the ability to move from one obstacle to another as fast as possible.

Spartan SGX Training Program

Obstacle course training in Fort Lauderdale is a simulation program of the real Spartan Race including the Spear Throw. Other obstacles of a Spartan Race include a Horizontal Wall Traverse, Barbed Wire Crawl, Wall Jumps, a Slippery Wall, Rope Climb and of course, lots of mud to deal with. The leader of the training is a certified Spartan SGX coach with a set goal to improve your skills in climbing, lifting, swinging, crawling, and dragging.

If you are a parent with kids who need a fun challenge other than a video game, 5th Element Combat Fitness offers a program called Kids Ninja/Obstacle Course Training. Kids attend fun engaging hour-long classes that develop coordination, agility, and stamina that all kids need.   

If maneuvering through an obstacle course is not in your plans, then 5th Element Combat Fitness offers other programs including Combat Striking and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, CrossFit YP1, Bootcamp Classes, and Personal training and Yoga.

The Bootcamp classes include classes for women only and are perfect for those who want an intense workout that takes less than an hour to complete. When you sign up for the Bootcamp classes, the first class is “on the house.” 5th Element Combat Fitness offers a free week trial period for people to have a genuinely different workout experience.

So, if you are thinking of running a Tough Mudder competition or maybe you are looking for a way to get your 10-year-old away from his cell phone, call 5th Element Combat Fitness at 954-815-1788 or send an email to info@5thelementcf.com to get you on the path to fitness.