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CrossFit gyms in Fort Lauderdale

CrossFit gyms in Fort Lauderdale


CrossFit Gyms in Fort Lauderdale: Ideals Thru the Years

About 450 years ago, if there had been a “workout venue” suited for that era, it likely would have had no weights, no workout equipment and certainly no professional trainers to lead you through an intense physical workout. The “workout regimen” probably would be repeated trips to a buffet like the array of food designed to make one put on weight to the point of obesity. The in “look” at that time was exemplified by the artist Paul Rubens (1577-1640), and the term “Rubenesque” is still used today as a polite way to describe an overweight person. Those who had access to decent food could show off their ample physiques as a status symbol.

For men the notion that weight means wealth was prevalent up until the 1920’s. The image of 340 lb. President William Howard Taft getting stuck in his bathtub comes to mind. But then, the motion picture industry was creating stars with muscular, athletic builds and the image of the ideal male figure quickly changed into the tall, athletic ideal of today.

For women, the path was much more convoluted. The 1920’s saw the boyish “flapper girl.” The 1940s and 1950s featured full-figured buxom pin-up girls. The 1960’s was a return to the skinny “hippie waif” look and in the 1970’s the toned, healthy look emerged. If you were a teenage male at that time, you might have had a poster of Farrah Fawcett on your wall.

CrossFit is the Way to Go

The most important development over the past 50 years is the awareness that most people don’t have “movie star” looks and the acceptance of body types that cannot meet unrealistic standards. The focus now is on health, nutrition and making the best out of what nature blessed you with. CrossFit gyms in Fort Lauderdale came into existence in the year 2000 to help people improve their fitness levels, and 5th Element Combat Fitness is the quickest way to get there.

5th Element Combat Fitness uses CrossFit and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu methods designed to not only improve your physical fitness but to give you a sharper mental focus and allow you to bounce back after a hard workout. They offer Combat Sports training, CrossFit YP1, Ninja training for kids and Obstacle course racing. Their motto is to make every second count for busy people occupied with career and family activities.

CrossFit gyms in Fort Lauderdale is based on the idea that training in only one area is not the best way to achieve overall fitness. Weightlifters may have strength but lack the flexibility that a Yoga regimen can develop. Devotees of Yoga might have the flexibility of a Chinese Acrobat, but do they have the stamina that is built up with biking or running? CrossFit focuses on all the areas in a total fitness approach and not just one’s favorite area.

If you feel the need to join a group that will both challenge and support you in a modern air-conditioned 3000 square foot facility, then you need to call 5th Element Combat Fitness to talk with one of their friendly staff members. 5th Element Combat Fitness is offering a free week of training to local people, so you can find out for yourself at no risk if this is for you.

The phone number is 954-815-1788, or you can request more info at info@5thelementcf.com and begin shedding that Rubenesque quality that no longer means health and wealth.