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CrossFit Fort Lauderdale

CrossFit Fort Lauderdale


Although it’s a new practice in the field of fitness and sports, CrossFit gains more notoriety as times passes. At 5th Element Combat Fitness, we present you with some of the most effective, ruthless, and demanding CrossFit programs. We’re taking the classic approaches and mix them with innovation to build a system that cannot fail.

If you’re ready for CrossFit in Fort Lauderdale, you need to resort to specialists for the best results. For extensive long-lasting benefits, we offer you two types of CrossFit classes:

CrossFit YP1 (Yankee Papa Wun)

The founder of this method was a military operative with a vast combat experience behind him. Naturally, it’s a method based on efficiency, physical shock, and fast and brutal routines, meant to push your body to the limit.

The fundamental idea behind this practice comes down to pushing the body’s development in a new direction. Compared to bodybuilding or weight-based workouts, CrossFit YP1 focuses on conditioning, flexibility, strength, power, and rapidity. Your body will be able to perform intense workouts over extended periods of time, as your stamina and resiliency increase.

If you’re an aspiring martial artist, this is precisely what you need. Bodybuilding is never a good idea because it leads to stiff and sore joints in the long run, as well as low flexibility and stamina. You want energy, you want explosive power, and you want strength and speed. You can only achieve these goals with the help of our one-hour course in CrossFit YP1.

CrossFit Striking

Our classes of CrossFit in Fort Lauderdale include striking training as well, but with a twist. Not only we’ll teach you how to advance your technique, but we’ll do it through an engaging and physically demanding process. CrossFit striking refers to applying full motions to deliver the technique but to expand the body’s capabilities as well.

Whether you’re a boxer, a grappler or any other martial artist, at the beginning of the road, you need CrossFit striking training for several reasons:

Developing core strength and flexibility – Punching requires core strength and flexibility. The hand is the piston, but the energy propelling it comes from the core muscles. The stronger and more flexible your core is, the more vicious, rapid, and on-point your hits will become.

Energy and stamina – To become a warrior, you need to start training like one. Having enough stamina is vital for maintaining your physical abilities at high levels, not only throughout the sports competition but throughout the day as well.

Technique, impact force, and precision – All these are vital assets for any athlete, especially one competing in contact sports. Without technique, force, and precision, you can’t become effective at demolishing your competition. Our classes of CrossFit in Fort Lauderdale will help you achieve that.

If you’re interested in CrossFit, contact us, at 5th Element Combat Fitness, and make an appointment! Come to our gym and let’s work on sculpting your body and your mind into those of a winner!